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Low Dose Allergen Therapy

Full Circle Natural Medicine is now offering an exciting new allergy treatment option!

Run by our beloved Dr. Michael, Low Dose Allergen Therapy (LDA) is a new way we can approach your allergies or hypersensitivities. It works to give you back the ability to eat more foods, improve chronic skin conditions, and better tolerate exposures to allergens. We have seen excellent results with patients who have received LDA therapy.

Effective for everything from pollen and dust allergies, to food, chemical, and mold sensitivities, LDA works with the immune system to desensitize the body to these substances. This new protocol has even been proven to help with some auto-immune responses.

In comparison to other desensitization protocols, you can expect LDA to be cheaper, less time intensive, and require fewer shots. The effect of the treatments can last for many years, providing lasting relief for otherwise debilitating symptoms.

Call our office today for more information and to schedule a free 15 minute consultation!

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