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Be Your Valentine!

Taking Care of Your Heart on Valentine’s Day

Everyone needs a vacation from time to time, however it isn’t always possible. Taking the time to create self-care rituals, such as these listed below, is as important as the work you do in a day for others. Look here for ideas to implement more self-care.

Slow it down! Make space in your busy schedule to give yourself a massage or exfoliate with a delicious body scrub. Here are some of my favorite recipes to include in my morning routines.

Massage Oil:

  • ½ C sweet almond oil

  • 5-15 drops of your favorite essential oil

Other options of oils to use include sesame, apricot, coconut, or olive. Essential oils aren’t necessary but add to the richness of the experience and may have therapeutic benefits.

Daily or even weekly massage is a gentle act of love to soften your skin, encourage lymphatic drainage, and to give tired muscles a rest. Work in long strokes down muscles and in a circular motion around joints, starting from places furthest from the heart, working inwards.

Cardamom-Sugar Body Scrub:

  • ¼ C brown sugar

  • ¼ C white sugar

  • 1 heaping T cardamom powder

  • 1 T honey

  • ⅓ C olive oil

  • 10 drops vetiver essential oil

  • 10 drops rose essential oil 10% dilution (or 4 drops pure absolute)

Mix all ingredients thoroughly and scoop into a small jar for use!


A moment of gratitude is often what can help switch a stressed out mind into a more peaceful, happy mind. Breathing through moments of intensity will open the doors to create more space in your day. Click on the link below to begin a quick guided meditation on Gratitude from Deepak Chopra.

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