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Sunburn Relief

Sunburnt? Not after you try this.

Fortunately we are all aware of the amazing healing properties of aloe. It’s amazing what one plant has been able to provide for us through all of our mishaps in the sun. Usually less is more, but there is an amazing plant duo which will speed up healing time so well it will leave you wondering why your grandmother kept this secret from you. It’s as simple as adding a few drops of pure lavender essential oil to your aloe! Lavender essential oil is a potent inflammation modulator for the skin, providing rapid cell regeneration and speeding up wound healing time. It can soothe the pain of burns and prevent your skin from peeling. Plus, who doesn’t want to bathe in the calming aroma of lavender flowers? When you get the chance, add about 12 drops of the pure essential oil per ounce of aloe to soak up these wonderful benefits.

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