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We’re here for you

Full Circle Natural Medicine is here to help you and your family through this unpredictable time.

If you, members of your household, or other persons you come in contact with are exhibiting flu-like symptoms or have other concerns regarding Coronavirus, CALL our office at (206) 535-8867. Following CDC guidelines, if you are symptomatic, do not go to a clinic without calling ahead.

Our physicians are providing Zoom telemedicine appointments (covered by most insurance companies) to assess your situation and get you the help you may need.

In person visits for non-symptomatic patients can continue if needed; telemedicine may be substituted for all others to keep your appointment.

We are offering supportive care to help you stay healthy! Schedule a 15- or 30-minute assessment with one of our doctors to determine what therapies might be best for you and your family.

In Health, Dr. Jena Peterson Dr. Melissa Minoff

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